Driving Lesson

Croydon Young Driver 2018


The CYD event for 2018 is over! But don't worry, it will be back next year as JEDS Young Driver with even more good stuff going on!


Croydon Young Driver is back, and better than ever before. We have listened to your feedback and have included more driving time into your sessions so you can get to grips with mastering car control in a safe and controlled environment. We would like to remind you that these sessions are not driving lessons but an introduction to mastering basic car control, driving with distractions and educating young drivers about the dangers of driving whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Organised by JEDS Driving School, young drivers aged between 14 and 24 can come along and learn basic car control, manoeuvring round a specially designed course - and it costs only £30 (£5 Early Bird discount available). Fantastic value for a half day session!

You will also experience distractions like mobile phones, loud music and various other distractions. Our expert driving instructors will also help you find out more about applying for your driving license and choosing the right driving instructor for you.

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Organised and hosted by JEDS Driving School